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Boost morale, celebrate each other, and have fun with Swivel, the spin-to-win app for Slack.

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How Swivel Helps Your Team Succeed


Offering the thrill of a fun spinner with personal prizes is an excellent way to motivate team members to do their best work. Just remember, your prizes don't need to break the bank.

Only 15% of employees worldwide feel motivated, according to a study by Gallup.


Whether someone on the teams is celebrating their birthday, work anniversary, or a completed project, offer a spin. Then, celebrate the results together!

1 in 4 employees said their company doesn't celebrate their work, according to Workleap.


With Swivel, users can be recognized by their peers or their managers. Spins are always offered in a company channel, offering extra recognition.

66% of employees said they would leave their job if they didn't feel recognized, according to an Office Team study.

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Personalized to Your Team

Unlimited Prize Options

Design exciting rewards, such as an exclusive lunch with the CEO or $10 to your favorite coffee shop, crafting perks that make a real difference.

create a prize in swivel, anywhere, anyhow

Custom Spinners

Easily design each of the spinner slices with specific win ratios and prizes, creating an engaging and strategic reward game.

customize your swivel spinners and their win ratios, prizes, and more.

Nominate Anywhere

Whether from a celebratory message in Slack, directly from the Swivel app, or with our Zapier integration, nominate your teammates easily!

swivel spinners can be triggered by zapier or within swivel app

Fully Customizable from Slack

The Swivel app for Slack is designed to be your hub for all!
Leaderboard to track spins, wins, (and grins)
Easily trigger a spin for a teammate
(Admin) Create and manage your prizes and spinners
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Super Simple Setup



Installing Swivel is quick and free. Click here to get going!


Create a Spinner

Create and customize a spinner with the prizes your team will love.


Nominate Peers

Trigger a spin by typing /swivel anywhere in Slack.


Have Fun

It's the best part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free plan? 
Yes! Swivel offers a plan that is free, forever. This means you’ll be able to invite teammates to spin the wheel, celebrate wins, and score fun prizes for free. No credit card required.

If you're interested in unlocking premium features like automated gift cards, integrations, and automated birthday and anniversary reminders, you can subscribe to our premium plan. For more information, visit our pricing page.
Who is Swivel intended for? 
Swivel is loved by HR and employee engagement managers, sales and success leaders, community managers, and startup co-founders, especially for remote teams! However, Swivel is great for everyone. It is meant for any team that wants to boost their team morale, and have some fun while celebrating wins.
How does Swivel compare to other employee engagement apps?
Swivel is a one-of-its-kind app, and does not compete with any of your other employee engagement apps. Swivel can be used as a stand alone team morale app, or can integrate with other services such as Tango, Bonusly, and more. Learn more about our integrations here.
How much of this app can I customize?
Swivel is fully customizable! You can create as many prizes as you'd like. You can also customize and set the win ratio per each slice of the spinner wheel, along with the prizes that are offered.
I want to know more. How can I signup for a demo?
Our team is available at sales@playswivel.com!