Make Recognition Fun Again

Redefine recognition with Swivel, the spin-to-win app for Slack. Boost morale and have fun, one spin at a time.

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Offering the thrill of a fun spinner with personal prizes is an excellent way to motivate team members to do their best work. Just remember, your prizes don't need to break the bank.


Whether someone on the teams is celebrating their birthday, work anniversary, or a completed project, offer a spin. Then, celebrate the results together!


With Swivel, users can be recognized by their peers or their managers. Spins are always offered in a company channel, offering extra recognition.

Create a Culture of Appreciation

Unite the workspace by celebrating each other.

Your Team. Your Ways. Your Wins.

Leverage Swivel's customizable platform to boost morale, recognize hard work, and have fun.

Create Prizes That Matter

Design exciting rewards, such as an exclusive lunch with the CEO or $10 to your favorite coffee shop, crafting perks that make a real difference.

create prizes that are unique to your team with swivel

Channel Ping

Whether from a celebratory message in Slack, directly from the Swivel app, or with our Zapier integration, nominate your teammates easily!

notification pings of teammates recognizing using swivel

Spinner Editor

Easily design each of the spinner slices with specific win ratios and prizes, creating an engaging and strategic reward game.

customize a spinner to your teams recognition needs with swivel
easily manage your teams rewards and prizes in swivel's slack app

Award Management

Easily fulfill your team's rewards, and track prize history by user.


Drive healthy competition and encourage your team to achieve more.

swivel, the spin to win app for slack, connects with zapier and many more


Leverage Swivel's built-in integrations to trigger spins, offer rewards, and more.

Boost Morale
One Spin at a Time

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