Make Team Building Fun Again

Swivel allows you to bring your entire workspace together to celebrate wins, recognize each other, and interact with one another.
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A Fresh Twist on Team Building and Engagement

Swivel streamlines team building for HR professionals, injecting a fresh wave of excitement into your workplace. Our interactive spin-to-win game is designed to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and unity among employees, aligning perfectly with HR objectives. ​Swivel can operate as a standalone employee engagement tool, or integrate with other popular team morale apps like HeyTaco, Bonusly, and more!

Fun Environment

Swivel brings teams together, creating a fun community environment within the workplace.

Fully Customizable

Swivel is fully customizable to align with your team's unique interests and goals.

Sense of Unity

Through shared gaming experiences, Swivel uplifts team morale and strengthens the sense of unity among members.

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