How Swivel Works

Swivel makes recognition enjoyable. It’s the perfect way to keep spirits high and everyone pumped for their next big win!


Two Minute Setup


Setting up Swivel can be done in two minutes or less. Simply think of a few prizes, and attach them to a spinner along with their odds of winning.

Swivel is fully customizable to your team's needs and liking. More on that below!


Nominate a Peer

Anyone in the company can now show their appreciation or highlight a hard-working co-worker by nominating them for a spin.

A spinner will appear in Slack. The suspense has begun!


Spin, Spin, Spin!

The user now gets to spin the wheel, while the rest of the team watches from within the Slack thread.  If they win, they'll choose a prize!

an example of the swivel spin-to-win app for slack