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Award Tacos ­čî« in HeyTaco

win heytaco tacos with the swivel app for slack

How does the Swivel and HeyTaco
integration work?

HeyTaco is employee recognition software designed to help cultivate a culture of growth and positivity. HeyTaco uses a currency system made up of tacos and allows users to messages to show praise and appreciation.
With this integration, you can create a prize in Swivel that offers HeyTaco tacos when a user wins. Simply attach this prize to a spinner and have fun!

its easy to setup the heytaco integration with swivel

Step 1

Grab your HeyTaco Secret Token

Step 2

Create a prize in Swivel and set the amount of tacos you'd like to award

Step 3

Trigger a Swivel for your teammates and reward HeyTaco tacos

Please note this integration was built by and maintained by Swivel. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact support@playswivel.com.