Boost Team Motivation with These 25 Slack Games and Activities

Spice up your workday with these engaging Slack games! Boost motivation with a variety of interactive activities.
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Written by
Swivel Team
Published on
January 3, 2024

We put together an exciting selection of Slack games that can be played in your workspace, are sure to liven up you and your team's day. These games are perfect for enhancing employee interaction, whether your team is working remotely or in the office. A little fun using your office communication tool can really brighten everyone's day!

Before diving in, don't forget to explore the 'Social & Fun' category in the Slack App Directory. A variety of popular games are listed here for you:

1. Chess

2. Tik-Tac-Toe

3. Hangman

4. Icebreaker Games

5. Word of the Day

6. Connect Four

7. Rock Paper Scissors

8. Virtual Coffee

9. Secret Santa

10. This or That

11. 20 Questions

12. Never Have I Ever

13. Most Likely To

14. Two Truths and a Lie

15. Co-worker Icebreakers

16. Unpopular Opinions

17. Word Building

18. Word Chain

19. Story Building

20. Trivia

21. Gifs to Gifs

22. Decode the Emoji

23. Ping Pong

24. Botzee

25. Dice Rolling

While Slack is primarily a tool for workplace communication, incorporating a bit of fun into the work environment can really transform your day. It's also a great way to connect with fellow colleagues who share your enthusiasm for these Slack games.

Interested in a Slack game that will also motivate the team to work harder? Check out Swivel, the spin-to-win app! Swivel allows you to offer teammates the chance to spin and win prizes as a reward for their hard work.

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