How Swivel Helps Promote Employee Recognition in Slack

Swivel revolutionizes remote employee recognition by combining fun and engagement, with a digital prize wheel for employees to spin upon being recognized.
swivel helps teams recognize each other boost morale and build engagement
Written by
Swivel Team
Published on
January 17, 2024

Remote work, while offering flexibility, can often lead to employees feeling disconnected and under-appreciated. This is where effective employee recognition comes into play. According to the Mayo Clinic, kindness is shown to positively change your brain, reduce fear and increase trust and empathy. Especially in a remote setting, recognizing others, an act of kindness, helps with boosting morale and productivity. So how do you do it? The key lies in regular, meaningful, and diverse forms of recognition. 

Swivel: Revolutionizing Recognition

Swivel stands out as an powerful tool in this domain. It allows managers and team leads to recognize their remote employees uniquely. Once an employee is recognized, they get to spin a virtual wheel to win a prize. This gamification aspect not only makes recognition fun but also creates a sense of anticipation and excitement among the team.

How Swivel Works

  • Recognition Submission: Team members or managers submit recognition for an employee.
  • The Spin: The recognized employee gets a chance to spin a digital prize wheel.
  • The Reward: Spinning the wheel results in various prizes, fostering a fun and rewarding experience.

Benefits of Swivel

  1. Increased (Virtual) Engagement: The interactive nature of Swivel keeps employees engaged and looking forward to recognition.
  2. Flexibility: Suitable for any remote team, irrespective of size or industry.
  3. Positive Workplace Culture: Encourages a culture of appreciation, which is crucial for remote teams.

Best Practices for Remote Employee Recognition

While tools like Swivel are game-changers, it’s essential to follow best practices for remote employee recognition:

Incorporating tools like Swivel can transform the remote employee recognition space. By making recognition more engaging and fun, Swivel not only enhances employee satisfaction but also contributes to a positive and productive remote work culture.

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