How to Add a Custom Emoji in Slack

Learn how to create a custom emoji in Slack.
create custom slack emoji
Written by
Swivel Team
Published on
January 3, 2024

In Slack, you can utilize emojis in any message, channel or DM. You can also leave them as a reaction on a message, without sending a new post. While Slack comes with the standard emojis out of the box, personalization and customization makes the tool a more fun, comfortable, and structured place.

In our workspace, team members often use emojis to indicate their understanding, express confusion, or acknowledge a message easily.

Here's how to add custom emojis to your Slack workspace. If you're looking for inspo, be sure to check out this library of top custom emojis!

👉 If your admin has disabled access for team members to add emojis, please reach out to them for assistance.

1. In your message bar at the bottom, click on the smiley face icon

2. Once the tray opens, at the bottom, click Add Emoji

3. You can now upload a .png file to the modal and name your emoji. Try and think of something catchy, and easy to type, since you'll be sharing it often!

And that's it!

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