Our Top 10 Fun Slack Channel Name Ideas

Read our top 10 fun Slack channel name ideas that will keep your team engaged and entertained. Plus, check out our suggested apps for an even greater experience!
fun slack channel ideas
Written by
Swivel Team
Published on
January 3, 2024

Slack isn't just a communication tool for work, collaboration, and project management,  it's also a great avenue for team sharing and fun.

Here are our top 10 fun Slack channel names and ideas that are bound to keep the conversation moving. Bonus points for adding our suggested apps for an even greater experience:


Cheer on friends, give co-workers a shoutout, and recognize hardwork! Can we suggest Swivel to help add some fun and interaction to the channel?


Create a place to share your favorite beats with your co-workers. If you're looking to collaborate, Jukebot is the way to go! Use Slack to turn your Spotify account into a collaborative jukebox


Share your plans, bounce ideas, and collab on getaways. Leverage any of the common project management tools, like Trello, to keep things neat too.


Struggling to find the right meme? Type Giphy to find your favorite GIFs and` express your thoughts!


Organize meals, and crave taco tuesday together! Use the Lunch app to place a group order


Did you catch that play? Looking to place your own bets on the latest sports news or get a survey who will win? Polly it is!


Looking to have break the ice and get the conversation going? Donut worry, and try the Donut app!


Shalom, hola, and hello! Drop your favorite words, share your knowledge, and teach each other. Did you know there's a fun Translate app too?


Share pics of your plants, trees, and green! There's the Evergreen app that lets teams recognize a job well done, while planting trees for the planet.


Say Cheese! Oops, we mean Ricotta. Ricotta brings the fun to the channels with tic-tac-toe, hangman, and more!

Looking to start giving kudos in a fun and interactive way? Give Swivel a spin today!

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