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Slack Bots Review: Stories of Slack-cess with Lambert

Discover the success stories of the best Slack bots, starting with Lambert. This office utility bot simplifies everyday tasks and even has a Swear Jar feature!
slack bot lambert
Written by
Swivel Team
Published on
January 4, 2024

Slack Bots Review: Stories of Slack-cess is a blog series reviewing Slack apps and bots. Have an app you love that you'd like to see featured? Submit it for review here.

Summary: Lambert is an office utility bot designed to improve the way we handle everyday office tasks. With an easy shortcut and a suite of powerful features, Lambert is more than just a digital assistant; it's an indispensable ally in managing the myriad of 'loose ends' that can overwhelm even the most organized office environments.

Lambert is built with a handful of intuitive features, such as:

  • Picking random numbers
  • Tracking debts or favors
  • Birthday notifications
  • And more

Our favorite feature: Lambert has a Swear Jar built in! Lambert can track just how often you're using those naughty terms, and can help make the workspace a cleaner space for all.

slack bot swear jar
Lambert's Swear Jar

Use Cases: Lambert can be a great fit for any team looking to tighten up the miscellaneous tasks on the side. From tracking debts, to birthday notifications, Lambert can keep you on your tasks to allow you to spend your time focusing.

What it is: Lambert is an office utility bot that will take care of loose ends in the most common office matters.

Handiness Level: 10/10!  

Why we chose our score: It's a no brainer and an easy tool to use!

How to install Lambert: Visit Lambert's website today to get Lambert working for you!

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