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Slack Bots Review: Stories of Slack-cess with Vacation Tracker

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vacation tracker slack bot
Written by
Swivel Team
Published on
January 3, 2024

Summary: Vacation Tracker is a user-friendly app that transforms leave management into a simple task. It streamlines the process through smooth approvals, empowering team members to manage their own leave balances, and providing enhanced visibility for better task planning and deadline management. Additionally, it offers clear leave records for payroll calculations, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors. Vacation Tracker boasts a host of features such as flexible leave types, location-based policies, support for multiple locations and departments, customizable notifications, custom workweeks and more.

Our favorite feature: Team members can check their leave schedules and requests, and view their own leave balances anytime.

vacation tracker slack bot
Screenshot from Vacation Tracker

Use Cases: Vacation Tracker makes PTO requests a breeze. With its simple and easy approval process, the app helps improve communication, visibility, and allows your team to feel in control of their days off.

What it is: Automate leave tracking and stay compliant with local laws, without having to deal with outdated spreadsheets.

Handiness Level: 10/10!  

Why we chose our score: It's easy to use, and makes "leave management a walk in the park."

How to install Vacation Tracker: Visit Vacation Tracker's website today to get the bot working for you!

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