Stories of Slack-cess

Slack Bots Review: Stories of Slack-cess with Threadly

Discover the success stories of the best Slack bots, starting with Threadly. This productivity bot simplifies multi-channel sending, attaching call-to-actions, and more!
threadly allows you to send messages to multiple slack channels at once
Written by
Swivel Team
Published on
June 9, 2024

Slack Bots Review: Stories of Slack-cess is a blog series reviewing Slack apps and bots. Have an app you love that you'd like to see featured? Submit it for review here.

Summary: Threadly is a productivity bot that extends and supercharges messaging in Slack. The app is packed with powerful features like an easy flow to send to multiple channels at once, attaching custom call-to-action buttons (CTAs) to any message, advanced click analytics and more. With a super user-friendly UI fully built into Slack, Threadly is quick, easy, and engaging.

Our favorite feature: Multi-channel sending made even easier with pre-written templates!

Threadly offers users to create templates that can be used later.
Threadly offers users to create templates that can be used later.

Use Cases: Threadly makes keeping partners, customers, and clients informed and in-sync. With one smooth flow, you can easily message a handful of channels, include a link to your calendar, and track who's engaging your message.

What it is: A powerful tool to extend your Slack messaging functionality.

Handiness Level: 10/10!  

Why we chose our score: We've been using Threadly to keep our customers up-to-date with new releases. It's awesomely simple. And it's free!

How to install Threadly: Visit Threadly's website today to get the bot working for you!

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