Creating Remote Fun in Slack

Slack is a powerful communication tool! But it also allows you to create remote fun for all!
remote fun in slack
Written by
Swivel Team
Published on
January 8, 2024

Creating a sense of community and fun in remote teams is crucial. With Slack, creating remote fun is not only possible but also highly effective. Here are some innovative ways to add some fun into your remote team using Slack.

  1. Recognition and Rewards: Use Slack to celebrate achievements, hard work, and even work anniversaries. If you're on the hunt for a tool, Swivel's one-of-a-kind spinner wheel allows you to offer an interactive experience for your team! Create fun prizes to offer based off what your users land on. As they say, public recognition in Slack channels boosts morale and fosters a positive remote work culture.
  2. Fun Challenges: Host weekly challenges in a dedicated Slack channel. Whether it's sharing the funniest work-from-home moment or a creative desk setup, these challenges bring joy and engagement.
  3. Virtual Coffee Breaks: Throw regular coffee breaks on the calendar where team members can join a Slack channel to chat about non-work topics. This encourages casual interaction and strengthens team bonds. Or, if you want 1:1 coffee breaks, try an app like Donut!
  4. Slack Apps for Fun: Utilize Slack apps designed for remote fun. Trivia, quizzes, and icebreaker apps can be integrated directly into your workspace, providing endless entertainment. Ricotta is an awesome app for fun and games!
  5. Photo Sharing: Encourage team members to share photos of their pets, hobbies, or home offices. This helps team members to connect on a personal level, building a more cohesive remote team. We compiled a list of our top 10 favorite channels. Take a peek at it here!

Incorporating these remote fun in Slack activities not only breaks the monotony of remote work but also builds a vibrant and engaging virtual office environment. Remember, a team that has fun together, stays productive together!

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